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Your feedback plays an essential role in my development efforts and is always welcome here at YENCO.COM as I strive to make the best Mac software I can. Bug reports alert me to any issues that you may have encountered and can help me to duplicate, isolate, and resolve them quickly. Is there something you can't figure out or that isn't explained well in one of my applications? I am always happy to answer your questions and can use them to refine my products and improve the help content. Your comments provide invaluable insight on what I'm doing wrong, and what I'm doing right. And your suggestions let me know what features you would like to see in future updates and upgrades. To get started, please make a selection from the items above so the appropriate feedback option(s) can be displayed.


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Please note: While this feedback system is working as designed to deliver your messages from this website and from the built-in feedback interface in my apps, Apple introduced a bug with AppleScript in Mail in OS X 10.7 which prevents your message from being automatically entered into my feedback database and alerting me. This may affect response time. I am sorry for the delay. I have alerted Apple to their bug numerous times but they have yet to resolve the issue.